Professor Mark Frasher

BJJ First Degree Black Belt - Kids Class Instructor


Professor Mark started his martial arts training in 1993 training Judo under John Ogden in Long Beach.  From 1995-1999 Professor Mark served in the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne and resumed martial arts, switching to Kempo Karate in 2001.  In 2004, he decided to make the switch to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has been training BJJ ever since.  During this time, he also trained Muay Thai kickboxing, MMA, and also continued training Judo with different schools.  In 2014 Professor Mark received his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and received his first-degree black belt promotion from Professor Dimitrios in 2020.

Professor Mark has competed and placed in several competitions, including:

  • 1st Place – Copa Pacifica 2006
  • 1st Place – South Bay Open 2006
  • 1st Place – Copa Pacifica 2007
  • 1st Place – California Pankration Championship 2007
  • 2nd Place – Pankration Team Championships 2008
  • 2nd Place – California Pankration Championship 2009
  • 1st Place – Copa Pacifica 2009
  • 2nd Place – Copa Pacifica 2010
  • 3rd Place – South Bay Open 2010
  • 2nd Place – Best of the West 2011
  • 2nd Place – No Gi Worlds 2011 (Master’s 2 Purple Heavy)
  • 2nd Place – Naga Grappling Championships 2013
  • 1st Place – IBJJF Long Beach Fall Invitational 2014 (Master’s 2 Brown Open)
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